The home plans chosen for Grants Meadows incorporate unique features designed to enhance the comfort and livability of the home.  Our home plans include 'Universal' and/or 'Women-Centric' design features, both recent concepts to the designing of homes that integrate the lifestyle of the modern family with the home plan itself.

Universal Design

Universal Design features in a home plan allow the home to be comfortably used by anyone - it's "universal".  It doesn't matter if you are young or old, short or tall, healthy or ill.  You may have recenty had surgery or have a permanent disability.  You may be a prize-winning athlete who recently suffered a broken bone, a sprained ankle or arthritis.  You may have young children and your hands are constantly full carrying the baby or pushing a stroller.  A home designed and built around universal design principals make all these and other tasks much easier to accomplish.  There is less inconvenience and hassle in your everyday life when your home has been designed to accomodate people of all physical attributes, whether temporary or permanent.  Because of universal design, people who are very different can all enjoy the same home. And that home will be there for all its inhabitants even when their needs change. Here are some of the more common universal design features:

  • No-step entry. No one needs to use stairs to get into a universally designed home or into the home's main rooms.
  • One-story living. Places to eat, use the restroom and sleep are all located on one level, which is barrier-free.
  • Wide doorways. Doorways that are 34-36 inches wide let wheelchairs pass through more easily. They also make it easier to navigate around the house on crutches, or while carrying packages or luggage.  And they are great when it's time to move big things in and out of the house.
  • Wide hallways. Hallways should be 36-42 inches wide. That way, everyone and everything moves more easily from room to room.
  • Open floor plans. Everyone feel less cramped. Traffic flows more easily around the house.  And people in wheelchairs have more space to turn.

Women-Centric Designs 

Women-Centric Designs came about after years of research into design features which were most commonly requested, and in almost 90% of the case, by women.  Women-Centric designs focus on spaces to 1) relax and de-stress, 2) entertain, 3) provide flexible, multiple uses, and 4) provide additional storage.  Some features of a Women-Centric design include: 

  • Rear foyers with benches and lockers for storage and motion sensor lighting
  • A 'drop zone' near the common entry way that includes USB ports for charging cell phones and mail center
  • An enclosed laundry room, often located near bedrooms
  • Stowaway in the master bath for blow dryer and curling iron
  • Shoe carousel in the master closet
  • Kitchen with island/peninsula that opens to the family/entertainment area
  • Plenty of extra storage space.


Contact us for more information about these unique design features!

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