Available Homesites

Comprising of over 26 acres, Grants Meadows features 26 homesites, with 14 homesites currently available. Homesites range in size from one-half to four-fifths of an acre, and are priced based on size and location. The front of the neighborhood consists of a private park area of approximately 2.9 acres. A large waterway curves through this park area and under a stone bridge leading into the neighborhood. This waterway is used to irrigate the common areas of the neighborhood, with a pump house designed with architectural finishes to blend with the homes in Grants Meadows. Also located in this park area is a community walking path and private tennis court for exclusive use by Grants Meadows residents. In the center of the neighborhood is another park area, comprising of 1.5 acres. Homesites within Grants Meadows are served by community wastewater treatment systems. All homesites except 1 through 6 have individual wells. Homesites 1 through 6 are served by a separate community water system.

Homesite Pricing Starts at $75,000


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